You're the CEO with 100% Equity

The business of your budget went public, and it's your job to maximize returns for the company (aka you!).



Hire Your Board of Directors

Bring your friends onboard to help you create an actionable budget to monitor and maintain.



Lead By Example

Stick to the budget, make your shareholders happy, and watch your stock price rise.

I feel more responsible sticking to a budget now that three of my friends can see if I'm over budget on food!

Joe, A Responsible CEO

It's great that I can see when my girlriend is about to go over budget on clothes that way I can stop the bleeding before it gets worse!

Kingsley, Concerned Boyfriend

Watching my stock price rise in real time as I go under budget gives me more motivation to be fiscally responsible with my money.

Samantha, A Happy User


Break Bad Habits, Save Serious Money

With prospr, you and your friends will be able to help each other create and monitor personal budgets in real-time. No more creating mythical goals that you never meet due to not holding yourself accountable. All your finances are in one place. It's time to become fiscally responsible. No more excuses. Your shareholders are counting on you.

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